Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and conditions consisted the privacy policy, Terms of use with user and www.couponemperor.com

Terms and conditions create a legal relationship between user and www.couponemperor.com regarding the use of our website.

It means the services of www.couponemperor.com providing the delivery of contents through the website or internet connected device.

First of all the user should accept the rules and regulations of our website by clicking

“I accept Terms & Conditions”   and user must read the terms and conditions before registering our website www.couponemperor.com and you are suggested to verify any updates in the terms and conditions happened from time to time.

Registration is the acceptance of the user about the terms and conditions of the www.couponemperor.com

The user’s acceptance of the terms and conditions, privacy policy is registration of our site.

It will include the amendments, supplementary conditions and various notations of our site.

www.couponemperor.com is the online venue to the users. Our website helps the users by providing stunning offers, attractive cashback’s, wondrous updated coupons, amazing discounts and daily deals from unlimited online affiliate stores.

Vendors, affiliates, merchants is the person or any legal body provides variety of stunning offers, attractive cashback’s, wondrous updated coupons, amazing discounts and daily deals on the www.couponemperor.com accommodate by their website and delivers the ordered items to the users.

Buyer is the person or the legal entity. The user allows the stunning offers, attractive cashback’s, wondrous updated coupons, amazing discounts and daily deals for visiting and purchase on products/services by giving an order for coupons and purchase any deal on affiliates.

User is a person/persons/seller/vendor/agent utilizing our website for the purpose of displaying their information and products.

www.couponemperor.com creates a platform between buyer and seller and also the interaction between seller and purchaser will happen without limitations of prices, delivery charges, way of deliveries, warranty of products, date of supply, period.

The customer must understand that our website should provide a list of stunning offers, attractive cashback’s, wondrous updated coupons, amazing discounts and daily deals through the website of concerned merchants.

After choosing a deal by the user our website simply redirects where the applicable merchant should provide the list of providers and we should track your order or your purchase for the benefit of our website www.couponemperor.com

Among the list of stunning offers, attractive cashback’s, wondrous updated coupons, amazing discounts and daily deals conformation should be depend on the merchants.

Our website www.couponemperor.com should refuse any form of cashback to user if failed the confirmation of ordered items.

The user must acknowledge that our website is not indulged that our website is not indulged in the selling and buying of goods directly and Coupon Emperor should not provide warranty, the quality of the ordered items by utilizing our coupons.

Our website is an inter mediator online platform but not a party to transact between seller & buyer.

We should not take any responsibility liability to solve any disputes among the sellers and users.

Our website www.couponemperor.com should not facilitate any action among the buyers and sellers when breach of condition happened or breach of warranties by the manufacturers or sellers happened.

Our website www.couponemperor.com  should not ensure any retail, selling or whole sale selling as the user has no right to obligate this website for claiming quality, fitness, safety, legality of the products transacted at our platform.

The user should transact the goods and services at their sole and own risk for entering the information with perfect own judgement.

Our website www.couponemperor.com should not allow any liability, responsibility for errors and omissions, whether happened on behalf of our website or third parties and should not bear responsibility for breach and nonperformance of any contact entered among the users and buyers.

The users must place an order by checking a careful coupons and deal description.

The user must place an order by binding over the conditions of the role in the deals description.

This agreement between you (user) and our website www.couponemperor.com is subjected to the following Terms and Conditions (Rules and Regulations).

Credit card transactions should be done by you (user) with you own credit card only.

Our website www.couponemperor.com should not take liability for the form of credit card.

Our website www.couponemperor.com will agree to provide its services to its merchants, affiliates, product selling companies for the legal purposes only n a genuine way.

The visitor (user) should not give any order to involve for resale.

If we find any bulk orders, our website www.couponemperor.com will reserve its all rights to cancel the purchased items and termination the account of the user.

The visitor (user) must provide a valid and genuine information to us. In case of finding the information provided by the user is false our website has the power of discretion to cancel the registration without notifying the user.

Our website www.couponemperor.com  should not bear any responsibility for loss, damage at the time of using our services. It means non deliveries, misplaced deliveries, delay of deliveries, failure of communications, malware of computers, suspicious access etc…

Our website www.couponemperor.com should not accept responsible for the failure of reporting coupons after the expiry time and delaying the acceptance of coupons by affiliates for the late submission of coupons.

The cancelation of order should not be become possible according the conditions.

The visitor must accept the right of our website www.couponemperor.com to send Emails and SMS belonged to the ordered items even though the user registered on DND registration (Telecom Service Provider).

The user should accept the right of calling the user and its agents belonging to the ordered items and other information in the regard.

Our website www.couponemperor.com should not allow anyone to use all materials in our website like Logo, pictures, content, text, graphical work etc.… in any way. It means they should not be re utilized publically by translating or sharing at anywhere in any websites, media for commercial purpose (without our permission).

customers should be beware before they approach vendors. CouponEmperor is not responsible for inconveniences at vendors

The above said content, if copied at any where it should be legally punishable and they should bare the legal actions taken by www.couponemperor.com

The above Terms and Conditions for use of www.couponemperor.com. Please read these carefully. If you need to contact us regarding any aspect of the following terms of use of our website, please contact us on the following email address –   contactus@couponemperor.com.