Cookie Policy for Coupon Emperor


Coupon Emperor is providing online services. It will use cookies for storing information about users / visitors and advertisements viewed. The cookies reaches your browser and it will be stored on the user’s device.

Cookies will also be used by our advertisers to reach user’s browser.

A Cookie should not gather the personal data and other information of users.

Cookies will be used to better serve the user / visitor or show the user/visitor with customized content.

Coupon Emperor uses Log Files. When user visit our website, we should gather the information of the user in the form of log file. It includes internet protocol (I.P) addresses, type of version of a browser, Internet service provider (I.S.P), number of clicks for analyzing trends and demographic information.

Coupon Emperor uses various sources of user information to provide users with better performance.

It also user google analytics to observe the behavior of users on website. Our website will help us by using Google Analytics in understanding the tastes and interests of our users.

Our website should not share any individual information with the others.

You may have the chance to install the Google Analytics Add On in your device also if you wish.


If you require any quires, please feel free to contact us by email at Email: